Dangerous Intoxification

"Run me in your veins.
Take away your pain.
Dont ever let me go.
Everywhere you are I'll follow"

The names Kiera |19 is the age
Im Random
Emotional at times, but whos not
Singleeeee xD
Mother of a beautiful princess
Tumblr is my elixer ^ It heals and Improves my imaginative
I smoke cigs like no other.
Music is my release
^Honestly I don't think I could live
without it I love randoms.
So send me a message or a question
I'll answer

November 1, 2012 10:37 am 10:36 am 4:13 am 4:12 am 4:10 am 4:10 am 4:07 am 4:06 am 3:52 am
I still love you<3 lol 
This is true haha

I still love you<3 lolĀ 


This is true haha

3:48 am